About Us

About Us

Photofactory is an Indian photo & video production company having dedicated team. Covers wedding and different types of events in all part of the country and wishes to covers at abroad too with our latest and upgraded equipments. We treat every assignments with the honour and dignity be it a high profile wedding, anniversary, fashion show, college fest, product shoot etc. You will find us excited as if its “apne yaar ki shadi” this attitude in our team ensures a qualitative output but personal & professional touch. In short we strive for your smile and work tirelessly to make your moments immortal. Our creative and technical bend of mind is always willing to go beyond boundaries to capture memories that last forever. So create your memories with Photofactory to cherish them in the future.

About the owner

The owner of Photofactory, Ashok Kumar Mahato hobbyists turned professional photographer is a forestry graduate and currently pursuing masters in forestry. Photography was his childhood hobby, Started clicking since childhood with negative film camera that is ‘Yashica’. He was so eager to buy a camera that he bought his first camera with his pocket money from a village fair without his parent’s permission. Latter he kept on upgrading cameras from Kodak negative, Fujifilm point shoot, Sony semi DSLR to Nikon DSLR. Since 2013 he is doing professionally modern photography and cinematography. To learn modern photography he used to join many national workshop conducted in different part of the country, has attended Dabboo ratnani photography workshop in Delhi, Raghu Rai photography workshop in Varanasi and cinematography workshop of Gautam Variya at Ranchi etc. He was the former president of Shuats photography club Prayagraj. Feels great in learning and sharing new tips and tricks of photography therefore keeps on organising tours and photography sessions.

Ashok’s entrepreneurial mind told him to lay the bricks of photography career when he was studying bachelors. People started contacting him seeing his work in social cites for their assignments. He has covered many weddings & events. Since he is not a city based photographer, he covers wedding at any part of the country even wishes to shoot abroad. By now he has travelled many states like Uttarakhand (Dehradun), Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi, Allahabad), Bihar (Patna), Jharkhand (Ranchi, Tata,Chandil), Orissa (Puri), Madhya Pradesh (Indore), Maharashtra (Mumbai), Karnataka (Bangalore) etc. Wedding and Birding has been his forte and he has photographed more than 150 different bird species from different part of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bengal and Jharkhand. He has experience of covering bigger college fest like mood indigo, At IIT Bombay and many more college events & occasions and is always willing to explore more and deliver well with the help of his closely knit and dedicated team.

Our moto
“We captures the moment of today to wow your hearts tomorrow.”

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