Standard wedding photography

It is the reviving & reliving of memories of special events. None other than this can preserve your wedding better. Capturing each & every moments and rituals that help you to relive your rituals and moments again.

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Candid photography

Let the world know your wedding story through our camera lenses. The candid photographs will speak up out your wedding memories. Full frame DSRL (Nikon D750) with lenses 50 mm, 70-200 mm, 85 mm etc are meant for candid wedding photography.

Standard wedding Videography

Standard wedding video will help you to feel the warmness of all the ceremony and chaos of your wedding day. 4k resolutions video camera will capture each ceremony of the events.

Pre and post wedding

Our lenses will help you to live a real life. This will be an exclusive couple shoot. The couple will be photographed at a different scenic location.

Cinematic Videography

A very wonderful cinematography will be performed by our lenses. It will allow you to see yourself in a cinematic way. The video will be compiled and edited in a way that it emulates the experience of watching the entire event like a short-movie. For best output full frame DSLRs, Drone, Gopro, Glidecam, Slider , Electronic Gimble will be used.


Who doesn’t love to be photographed? And when they have come for your wedding with the best wardrobe and preparation, they would surely loved to be clicked. The interesting thing of this is, inclusion of props and various background.

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